What you’ll get!

Start Up

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your business? Look no further than our comprehensive "Start Up Service" designed to empower you with your basic business set up.

Start up business loans available.

Here’s what we’ll be doing

Tech Setup

  • Domain purchase and set up*
  • Business email linked to your Domain*
  • Guide on how you can do this for your future growth.

Software Use Training

  • 1 Training session on Microsoft Office for set up of storage options, and use of Microsoft for your business.
  • Includes lesson on organising files and setting up regular data backups.

Legal Documents

  • Guide on How to easily set up legal documents for your business, for now and future*
  • Employment contracts, Non-Disclosures, Privacy Policies etc.

Cybersecurity Tips

  • Setup of antivirus software*
  • Educate on best practices like strong passwords, regular updates, and phishing scam awareness.

Get Automated

  • Set up a Basic CRM* including business email set up.
  • Guide on how to connect different apps and services to automate workflows.

Other Services

We propel individuals through transformation and empower your business to conquer the digital age.

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